Special Characters

In general, you should avoid using special characters in text fields. Characters such as the hyphen (-), slash (/), asterisk (*), and plus sign (+) may cause confusion, for example, because they can also represent mathematical instructions.

The pound sign (#), as noted earlier, is a formatting character in Letter Generation output. To avoid problems with Letter Generation, do not enter a pound sign (#) in addresses.

Special characters won’t always cause immediate problems, but they represent a potential source of complications when Banner interoperates with other systems.

The following characters should generally be avoided in text fields:

  • the pound sign (#)
  • the slash (/)
  • the plus (+)
  • the hyphen (-)
  • the ampersand (&)
  • the at-sign (@), except in e-mail addresses
  • the dollar sign ($)
  • the exclamation point (!)
  • the comma (,)
  • the asterisk (*)
  • the percent sign (%)

If you must use a special character, use it without any spaces before or after it:

  • Valid: Separated/Divorced
  • Invalid: Separated / Divorced