Add and Customize an existing Banner Menu

To add an existing Banner Menu object to My Banner, select Menu object from the Object Type drop-down list.  This will display all Menu objects in the left pane.  Select the one that you would like to insert into My Banner and click the Insert button (  ).  It will be inserted into My Banner.

Before you can view the contents of the new Menu object, you must commit the changes to My Banner by clicking the Save icon (  ).

To view the contents of the Menu object while still in the Maintenance form, click on the name or description to highlight it, then use the <Next Block> function, or click the Next Block icon (  ) in the Tool bar.  A new list will appear on top of the My Banner list, displaying the contents of the Menu object.

You may customize this Menu object by rearranging the content, adding objects, and deleting objects.  Any customizations that you make will apply only to the object in the My Banner list, as it is a copy of the original.  Changes will not apply to the original Banner Menu object.

In order to view this new menu through the Main menu window, you must save changes while in the Maintenance form and then log out of Banner.  When you return to Banner, the newly added Menu object and its contents will display under the My Banner folder in the Main Menu.