Banner Interface

Banner operates through a familiar web-based interface which will enable you to perform your job role duties comfortably and efficiently.  This section will describe the various items and their functionality that you will interface with while navigating throughout Banner 8.

Main Menu

The first screen that you will encounter after logging in to Banner 8 is the Main Menu.  This screen provides access to a list of Banner 8 menus, forms, jobs, and QuickFlows.


Forms are the critical elements in Banner 8.  Through forms all information is entered, maintained, edited, and queried.  They are visually organized to allow for ease of data entry and readability, and are displayed in a standard design similar to paper forms.  Each form has a unique name that distinguishes it from other Banner 8 forms.  It also has its own security parameters and monitoring techniques.  Information entered into one form, may also be used by other forms, reports, and jobs.

Learning About Banner