INB Searches and Reports

INB searches and reports can be helpful to assist with vendor information, chart of account updates, budget reports and views, and various inquiries related to purchasing and payments.

Below are the most commonly used forms for data query and reporting needs.

Vendor Information:

Vendor Searches:  Form Names –FTIIDEN, FTMVEND

Use FTIIDEN to review vendors by name or Banner number.

Use FTMVEND to view address information.

Budget Views:

Budget:  Form Names –FGIBDST (Org. Budget Status Form), FGIBDSR (Executive Summary Form)

Use FGIBDST to review Operational and Equipment budgets, expenditures, personnel costs, revenue, activity, commitments, and available balance.  Access the following under the Options Menu:

FGIBSUM (Org. Budget Summary Form)–view summarized budget information by Account type,

FGIOENC (Org Encumbrance List Form)-displays an online list of all encumbrances by Organization,

FGIENCD (Detail Encumbrance Activity Form)-provides an online query of detailed transaction activity for an original encumbrance entry as well as all transaction activity against the encumbrance,

FGITRND –(Detail Transaction Activity Form)-online view of detailed transactions, sorted by Account.

Use FGIBDSR to review Operational and Equipment budgets at the highest level Org element.

Budget Reporting:

FGRPDTA (Program Detail Activity) – view transactions by Fund, Org, Program and Account by date range.  The report will not provide an ending balance.

FGRBDSC (Budget Status in Current Period) – view transactions by Fund, Org, and Account by an “as of’ date.  Report provides an ending Operating and Equipment balance

For Cash Balances, use FGRBLSH or FGRTBAL (Balance Sheet) – view cash     balance and current transaction totals using an ‘as of’ date.

Chart of Account Element Reports:



FGRACTH- Accounts

FGRPRGH- Program

FGRLOCH- Location

Invoice Information:

Invoice Inquiry (completed only): Form Name-FAIINVE

Use FAIINVE to review a completed Invoice (Use FAAINVE to complete an Invoice)

List of Open Invoices by Vendor: Form Name -FAIVNDH

Banner and eVA Order Inquiry:

Purchase Orders:  Form Name-FPIPURR

Use FPIPURR to view a Banner purchase order or an eVA purchase order.

Open Purchase Orders By Vendor: Form Name-FPIOPOV

Vendor Detail History of Payments, due Dates, Check Date, Totals: Form Name: FAIVNDH

Document View -Form Name FOIDOCH

Use FOIDOCH to view document history information (purchases, payments, direct pays…) on any financial document.

Misc. Help


1.  Double-click the Amount box in form; or

2.  Select from the Help Menu Bar Option

3. Open  GUACALC from Direct Access.


1.  Double-click the Date box in a form; or

2.  Select from the Help Menu Bar Option

3.  Open GUACALN from Direct Access