Appendix N: Banner Messaging

If you have the appropriate security, you can send messages to and receive messages from other Banner users. Messages are created and viewed on the General Message Form (GUAMESG). When you have a new message to view, a checkmark appears next to the Check Banner Messages link on the main menu. You can select this link at any time to view messages, or go directly to the General Message Form (GUAMESG) from another form in Banner using Direct Access or some other method.) In addition to individual messages, Banner has the ability to display broadcast messages for all Banner users. These messages appear near the bottom of the main menu. When there is a new broadcast message, the Broadcast Message button on your Tool bar becomes enabled, and takes you to the main menu when clicked.

At this time, the only group that use Banner Messaging regularly is the Finance group. They use the form to convey:

  • Recipient: The person who entered the Direct Pay and is receiving the message.
  • Sender: The Accounts Payable Staff member who adjusted the invoice form.
  • Date: The date of the message.
  • Message: The change information the AP staff member has written on the invoice approval form.
  • Source: The Approval Form name that AP staff members enter to approve or edit the Direct Pay Invoice.
  • Reference ID: Not Used.
  • Item: The Banner Direct Pay Invoice Number
  • System: F for ‘Finance”. The only users of messaging at this time