Appendix I: Form Icons

Icon Function Description
Search Displays another form or window where you can search for a value or information related to the field. You can often select and return a value to the associated field.
Calendar Displays a calendar so that you can choose a date.
Data Indicates that data is available for the associated field.
No Data Indicates that no data is available for the associated field
Summary Displays summary information for the associated record.
Details Displays details for the associated record.
In Process Indicates the process has started but is not complete.
Complete Indicates the process is complete.
Maintenance Updates information in the database. If a field has an icon, the auto hint identifies the equivalent function that can be used instead of the button. If the button can perform more than one function, each equivalent is identified in the auto hint.
Copy Copies the current record or records.
Comments Displays a window where you can enter freeform text for the associated record.
Calculate Performs a calculation on data in the associated field.
Approve Indicates the process is approved.
Disapprove Indicates the process is not approved.
Generate ID Generates a new ID