Appendix D: Shortcuts for Direct Access

We’ve introduced the Direct Access feature which allows you to navigate directly to a specific menu, form, job, or QuickFlow if the seven-character name is known. You can also navigate throughout Banner by entering these shortcuts into the Direct Access Go To… field.

SITE Navigate to the site map.
TREE Navigate from the site map to the product tree
REFRESH – this shortcut will act differently depending upon where you are in Banner. Refresh your personal menu (My Banner) after making changes on GUAUPRF

Return to the Banner Main Menu even if you are buried deep inside other menus

Refresh the site map

Up or Down arrow keys Navigate to any of the last 10 forms you accessed
Menu Name Expand that menu.  Example: *GENJOB expands the General JOBSUB directory. (Menu object names always begin with * )
EXIT End your Banner session
Quickflow Name Automatically open the first form in the Quickflow
Job Name GJACPTL will open and run it
*PERSONAL Open the My Banner menu
*MENU Open the Banner Main Menu from anywhere in Banner