Appendix C: Shortcuts for Entering Dates

System date In most date fields, entering a single, non-numeric character followed by Enter or Tab  will display the current date. It’s easy to remember

  • T for Today,
  • S for System Date.
  • Even special characters work for this shortcut. Forget what today’s date is? Enter a question mark and Banner will tell you.
Dates within the current month If you enter a two-digit number in a date field, Banner assumes the current month and year. For example, if the month is May and the year is 2005, 10-MAY-2005 has the shortcut 10.
Dates within the current year If you enter a four-digit number in a date field, Banner assumes the current year. For example, if the year is 2005, 15-JUN-2005 has the shortcut 0615.
Calendar Double-clicking in a date field will display the calendar.
Return Date to Field Double-click the desired date on the calendar to return the value to the field in the calling form.
GAUCALN The calendar form name. If you access the calendar in this way, it will work independently of the current form.