Appendix B: Add a Person

  1. From the Main Menu, enter the General Person Form (SPAPERS) in the Direct Access field.
  2. Select the Search function to go to the Person Search Form (SOIADEN).
  3. Enter a query using a name other than your own.  Use the wildcard features.  Continue searching until you do not find a record.
  4. Click on the exit icon to return to the calling form.
  5. In the key block area, click on the maintenance icon (it looks like a ship’s wheel).  The word GENERATED will appear.
  6. Perform a next block function.  GENERATED will again appear in the I.D. field.
  7. Enter information on the person on this form.
  8. Press the save button.  After you have pressed save, the system will generate an I.D. button for the person.
  9. Perform the next block function.  Add an alternate name for the person. Save your entry.
  10. Perform the next block function again and enter the address and telephone information for this person.  Save your entry.
  11. Exit the form.