Appendix A: Simple Searches

Perform General Person Search

To perform a search on a record, select the Search function. You can use the Oracle wildcards % and _ in the search criteria.  The percent sign (%) represents any number of characters, whereas the underscore (_) represents one occurrence of a character.

To Get These Results

Enter This

All entries that contain ma %ma%
All entries that begin with ma ma%
All entries that end with ma %ma
All entries that have m as second character _m%
  1. From the Main Menu, enter the General Person Form (SPAPERS) in the Direct Access field.
  2. Select the ID field’s Search function to go to the Person Search Form (SOAIDEN).
  3. From the Option list select Person Search
  4. Click in the last name field and enter your last name. Select the NO radio button under Case Sensitive Query.
  5. From the Menu bar select Query, then Execute, or use the <Execute Query> function.
  6. If necessary, use the Scroll Bar to find your record.
  7. Double-click to select the record.
  8. From the Menu bar select Block, then Next. Or click the Next Block icon (  ) in the Tool bar.
  9. Notice that the fields in the selected block are automatically filled in with personal data.