Cisco Jabber

The UMW phone system has “soft phone” functionality.  A soft phone is an application installed on your computer that allows you to make and receive phone calls from your UMW extension.  Our system uses Cisco Jabber as the soft phone application.  Calls made with Jabber will show as coming from your desk phone number.  If someone calls your desk phone number, it will also ring in the Jabber application on your computer.

Your phone needs to be configured for access with Jabber.  You will also need to be connected to VPN with a UMW-owned device to use Jabber from off campus.  Your computer will need either a headset or microphone and speakers  Currently, you will only have access to one extension with Jabber.

To request that your Jabber account be set up, please fill out the Service Request form and indicate that you are requesting Jabber.  Also indicate the UMW extension you want tied to your account.