Android – Faculty / Staff

Faculty / Staff Email on Android Phone

  1. From the Home screen on your phone press the Apps icon.
    Fig 1
  2. Find the Settings icon and press on it.
    Fig 2
  3. Press on Accounts.
    Fig 3
  4. Press Add Account.
    Fig 4
  5.  Press Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    Fig 5
  6. You will be asked to enter your email address and password and then press Next.
    Email address
    : enter your full UMW email address
    : enter your UMW password
    Fig 6
  7. You will get an error similar to the one below press OK.
    Fig 7
  8.  Domain\username: enter umw\username: enter your UMW NetID (username) and press Next.
    Fig 8

  9. Type  in the server address field and put a check mark in the box that reads Use secure connection (SSL) and press Next.
    Fig 9
  10.  Press OK on the Remote security administration screen.
    Fig 10
  11. Press Next on the Sync settings screen.
    Fig 11
  12. Press Activate on the Activate phone administrator screen.
    Fig 12
  13. On the Email accounts screen type in an Account name to identify this account and press Next.
    Fig 13
  14. You are done press the Home button on your phone and find your Email app.