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List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager Status 
 IT Convergence Center (ITCC)  Construction of the IT Convergence Center (ITCC)  H. Cheshire Network: main network closets on 3rd and 4th floors are on line; currently working through the other floors.  Fire Marshall inspection today (16 July).  Jason is working on configuration for the core; David will be moving equipment from Stafford on 23-24th.
AV: meeting held last week
 Campus Center  Design and install IT/AV equipment and service in new Campus Center building  H. Cheshire  Capital Outlay meeting held yesterday.  Evaluation and decision made on furniture type; J. Slezak will follow up with D. Searcy.  Discussions around AV are being re-energized; suggested to include J. Slezak and J. Pugh in the discussions.
 Mercer/Woodard Renovations  Design and install IT/AV equipment and services as part of building renovations  H. Cheshire Waiting on funding for FF&E
 Banner XE  Implement updated versions of Banner ERP  B. Kjar e-Transcripts implementation:  e-Transcript is available for Registrar testing; SFTP account has been requested. Due to staff vacations, availability of PRD servers moved up to Aug 11 (vrs Aug 21). Official GO LIVE remains Aug 25.
Banner XE modules: (24July)Student Course/Student Class Schedule is now available in QA for testing. Working through a few issues (i.e. Preferences Button does not work) but this is a known Ellucian issue; also doing some performance tuning on the new modules.  Registrar confirmed no issues with moving Go Live for 1st module to 15
Jepson Science Center Expansion Expansion of the Jepson Science Center H. Cheshire  Workgroup planning sessions are ongoing; will begin to pull in IT in the near future.  Project will be in 2 phases:  1st phase targeted completion January 2017; 2nd phase completion December 2017.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project Description Project Manager Status
 EagleNet Revitalization  Implement replacement for current EagleNet platform (SharePoint 2007)  IT/University Relations and Communications On hold
 Bookstore Point of Sales (POS) System Implementation of a new inventory control and POS system, software and (possibly) hardware Business Services Training in progress; Kathy Sandor is PM lead for UMW.  S. Keith is working with them to do online sales on the website. Integration with Banner will not occur in Phase I due to resources restraints.​
 Kronos  Implement an automated time and attendance system Finance CIPP ID migration in progress. Target go-live mid to late-Sept
 Alertus/Everbridge Integration  Integration of Everbridge Urgent Alerts (Alertus Server) for desktop notification functionality Emergency Management and Safety First use of system with general UMW community with test on Wednesday, July 23.
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Records Management System (RMS) Implement a computer aided dispatch and records management system to improve University Police operations University Police Install of H/W scheduled for 6 Aug.  Will require additional network configuration as system needs to remain of​f-line from rest of UMW network and accessible only by Police Offices/Dispatch.  Resource restraints may delay targeted Go Live date (by start of Fall Semester 2014).
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) Finance/IT ‘Reintroduction’ meeting scheduled in Richmond on Aug 13. Targeted go live for Wave 2 is January 31, 2016