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Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager Status 
IT Convergence Center (ITCC)  Construction of the IT Convergence Center (ITCC)  H. Cheshire The new network core ‘cut in’ scheduled for Sept 24 put on hold due to fiber cuts discovered between GW and the ITCC.  Net100 scheduled to be on campus 2 Oct to identify source of the break.
Campus Center  Design and install IT/AV equipment and service in new Campus Center building  H. Cheshire Meeting with Sextant (AV Designer) on September 11 to review spaces for final design. Sextant has submitted final design back to UMW for final review and approval.  Project appears on track, but the schedule is tight to get the AV systems installed and ready by first day of classes in Fall 2015.
Mercer/Woodard Renovations  Design and install IT/AV equipment and services as part of building renovations  H. Cheshire Meeting to discuss AV needs in Mercer, but have not had similar meeting for Woodard yet. Currently the project is only moving forward for the utility work underway (moving steam, water, IT lines).  Rest of the project is awaiting the value engineering phase to be completed to determine the budget that remains for AV.
Banner XE  Implement updated versions of Banner ERP  B. Kjar Student Course/Student Class Schedule testing continues; some issues noted and being resolved; instance in Production will be delayed due to delay in bringing ITCC core on line (accidental fiber cut). New target date for install in PRD is mid/end January 2015.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project Description Project Manager Status
EagleNet Revitalization  Implement replacement for current EagleNet platform (SharePoint 2007)  IT/University Relations and Communications On hold; meeting scheduled Sept 2.
Bookstore Point of Sales (POS) System Implementation of a new inventory control and POS system, software and (possibly) hardware Business Services Import interfaces:  Financial Aid (Spring 2015); Courses and Enrollment (Dec 1, 2014).  Server targeted to be installed by 1st week of November.
Kronos  Implement an automated time and attendance system Finance  - IT reviewing options for installation of required version of Java as well as possible tweaking on browser settings for end users.    - Time clocks are here and ready for network connections.   - Test badges being sent off to Kronos for testing. - Test plan developed; testing scheduled for October

- Target implementation mid to late November

Digital Signage/Alertus Integration  Integration of Alertus with university’s Digital Signage (Orca TV) system Emergency Management and Safety Test from the Alertus server to digital sign is GW was successful; additional testing to other digital signs to follow.
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Records Management System (RMS) Implement a computer aided dispatch and records management system to improve University Police operations University Police Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) have support hardware installed.  All MDTs have internet connectivity in vehicles. Waiting sign-off from VA State Police on VCIN implementation; ISO will need to do a security review of the system prior to Go Live.
Jepson Science Center Expansion Expansion of the Jepson Science Center College of Arts and Science In early discovery stages; continuing meetings for AV/IT planning. Project will be in 2 phases: 1st phase targeted for completion Jan 2017; 2nd phase completion December 2017.
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) COV/Finance/IT Meeting on 12 Oct with project liaison to discuss structure around the project.  Targeted go live for Wave 2 is January 31, 2016