Projects and Initiatives

Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager     Status 
Mercer/Woodard Renovations  Design and install IT/AV equipment and services as part of building renovations  H. Cheshire Plan to move College of Business and the Psyc. Department the week of December 16th into Woodard and Mercer.
Office 365: DirSync & ADFS Investigate and implement ADFS and DirSync B. Kjar Provisioning postponed until completion of Exchange 2013 upgrade in November.
ClearPass Purchase/Install Clear Pass as replacement for Clean Access D. Hovey-Boutchyard Monday, November 16th at 7:00 AM, the wireless networks known as “UMW” and “UMW Guest” will require a new login process.  IT staff is still working to setup “UMW Secured” wireless, so it WILL NOT be available for several more weeks.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project                   Description                                 Department     Status
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) COV/Finance/IT Juggling staff schedules and other priorities in order to work on tasks remains a challenge. The next big milestone for the Cardinal project is on-site validation for the uploads scheduled for November 9 to November 13.  
RAVE Investigate options for more efficient and effective emergency notification system designed for institutions of higher learning. Emergency Management and Safety RAVE Emergency Management switchover scheduled for November 2nd.
Online Title IX and Alcohol Abuse Education Radford is issuing an RFP seeking a hosted online education for Title IX and alcohol abuse.  UMW will ride the cooperative contract. Diversity and Inclusion/ Judicial Affairs and Community Responsibility Product is live for students; still to go live for faculty and staff.
Next Gen API to Banner Develop and test API connection for the Next Gen Scholarship software to Banner (UMW is beta test site) Financial Aid Still in progress and in development stage in IT testing environment.  EAS recently requested an additional API end point from Next Gen which has been added.  The API is being tested by Next Gen.  Are waiting for the results.
Clean Address  Address verification software Admissions Had to review data standards and communicate with several groups prior to the start of the project.  EAS has been filling out a CleanAddress questionnaire about our environment and have included information about our data standards issue.  Meeting to discuss questionnaire and go forward plans for install with project leader on Friday (10/30).
VERBA Through the UMW Bookstore, an inclusive course materials access program will deliver course materials to students through the Canvas LMS. Student accounts will be billed directly through the UMW bookstore’s existing POS system. Bookstore Target for Go Live is November 30 with goal to pilot with several classes in Spring semester.   Kathy Sandor/DJ Garcia coordinating with publisher and IT.