Projects and Initiatives

Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager     Status 
Office 365: DirSync & ADFS Investigate and implement ADFS and DirSync B. Kjar Meeting with SYCOM on Jan 19th for the Planning Engagement on DirSync & ADFS.
ClearPass Purchase/Install Clear Pass as replacement for Clean Access D. Hovey-Boutchyard Go Live with the UMW-Secured SSID scheduled on January 25th.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project                   Description                                 Department     Status
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) COV/Finance/IT Cardinal goes live in three weeks.
Drop Dead Dates for Cardinal Project:
• AP Pre-Processing (February 1, 2016)
• Current Bug issues resolved (February 1, 2016)
• All reconciliations must be completed (March 31, 2016)
Next Gen API to Banner Develop and test API connection for the Next Gen Scholarship software to Banner (UMW is beta test site) Financial Aid In testing.
Clean Address  Address verification software Admissions Clean Address was put into QA for testing and customization.  Also note that Admissions is asking Clean Address about the international addresses option which we think was purchased.  That is holding up some of the customization.
Visual Zen
Research and possibly implement an online orientation management solution.
Student Involvement Kickoff meeting for VZ held; have several documents to get into in order to meet launch date of March 17 (drop dead date).  Our basic information form has been submitted to VZ and will have all of our other information into them by Jan 8.