Projects and Initiatives

Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager     Status 
Campus Center  Design and install IT/AV equipment and service in new Campus Center building  H. Cheshire Order has been placed and network equipment is being delivered. AV vendor, AVI-SPL, has been selected.
Mercer/Woodard Renovations  Design and install IT/AV equipment and services as part of building renovations  H. Cheshire Mercer is progressing. Follow up meeting to be scheduled with Capital PM to review status of Woodard project.
Banner XE-Advising Student Profile Implement updated versions of Banner ERP  B. Kjar Project progressing
Banner XE-Registration Implement updated versions of Banner ERP B. Kjar Registrar’s Office agreed implementation date June 1, 2015. Registrar’s office has developed a communication and training plan for the module. Dependency on F5 installation.
Banner XE-Faculty Grading Implement updated versions of Banner ERP B. Kjar In QA and available for testing as of Sept 2014; however, official Go Live date still TBD.
Oracle 12c Upgrade Upgrade Oracle DB from current version of to 12.1 J. Rawlings Meeting held with end user testers; Testing in progress March/April with Go Live May 8-9.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project                   Description                                 Department     Status
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Records Management System (RMS) Implement a computer aided dispatch and records management system to improve University Police operations University Police UMW PD will start training the week of April 6 for the CAD and Mobile portion of the new system.  Go Live date is April 10.  ID Network staff will be on site.  Training for the RMS is scheduled later in the month. During the week of training, will also train the evidence staff on the new evidence system/bar coding.  This system will go live with RMS.
Jepson Science Center Expansion Expansion of the Jepson Science Center College of Arts and Science At this time state funding is uncertain.   Project is put on hold – will be tracked as “Future” project.
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) COV/Finance/IT Design, work planning, and spec development in progress. Ellucian consultant engaged to develop SOW for development. Cardinal Banner schools meeting weekly.
Digital Measures Implementation of a web-based faculty activity and accomplishments reporting solution for the COB COB Implemented; no further IT resources/support required at this time; project closed.
Performance Cloud Replacement for current assessment and accreditation management software Provost’s Office Performance Cloud is implemented and accessible.  Additional modules will be implemented over the coming year (8 in total); however, the IT involvement would be minimal. Project from an IT perspective is closed.
PATRON Replacement for current ticketing system Theater and Dance Due to a number of issues encountered the implementation timeline has been pushed out.  Working with Patron to progress the project.  Machines and card swipes are in Test mode.
Laserfiche Upgrade of Laserfiche to latest version for added functionality and Admissions use Admissions Laserfiche will be on site starting 24 March through 26 March.  Next steps:  Loading RIO software, migration of data and upgrading of clients.  
Maxient Behavioral incident management software for automation of processes Honor Council/Judicial Affairs Due to other priorities, completion of data for Maxient StartUp Packages has been delayed; target due date will be adjusted.
Next Gen Scholarship Manager Implement an online scholarship application software solution Financial Aid Kick off meeting conducted.  Waiting on information from Next Gen to set up the CAS authentication.  Advancement is working on the scholarship and donor data that will be loaded by Next Gen.  Next task for EAS is providing a file of Banner data to be imported; waiting on Financial Aid to determine elements and provide a map for the Next Gen file layout.  Targeting a May 1 go-live.