Projects and Initiatives

Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager     Status 
Campus Center  Design and install IT/AV equipment and service in new Campus Center building  H. Cheshire The network and wireless are both working in the building. Building is currently open with a temporary certificate of occupancy as work is completed.
Mercer/Woodard Renovations  Design and install IT/AV equipment and services as part of building renovations  H. Cheshire Construction is ongoing.
Office 365: DirSync & ADFS Investigate and implement ADFS and DirSync B. Kjar Provisioning postponed until completion of Exchange 2013 upgrade in October.
ClearPass Purchase/Install Clear Pass as replacement for Clean Access D. Hovey-Boutchyard Call conducted with ODU. Guest created and working. Target date for completion revised. Order submitted for the custom skin (splash-page) development.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project                   Description                                 Department     Status
Cardinal Statewide replacement of Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) COV/Finance/IT Progressing; first major milestone met.    
Laserfiche Upgrade of Laserfiche to latest version for added functionality and Admissions use Admissions The undergraduate workflow is done and operational for the spring 2016 term.  The graduate workflow is complete and orphan documents are being scanned.  Targeted to start the processing for fall 2016 to give ample time to train and test.  Work is currently being done to complete the automated PDF process; planned to be finished first week of September.
RAVE Investigate options for more efficient and effective emergency notification system designed for institutions of higher learning. Emergency Management and Safety RAVE Guardian is Live; Emergency Management piece not yet live.
Online Title IX and Alcohol Abuse Education Radford is issuing an RFP seeking a hosted online education for Title IX and alcohol abuse.  UMW will ride the cooperative contract. Diversity and Inclusion/ Judicial Affairs and Community Responsibility Scheduled to go live week of Aug 24.