On the Horizon



A listing of initiatives that may become future projects and ongoing IT operational activities

Initiative Title Description Department/Sponsor Status
Enterprise Scheduling An enterprise scheduling system that meets the needs of departments across the campus UMW President’s Office Recent renewed interest has led to pursuing a demo of the EMS product.
Office 365: Collaboration Project

Investigation, implementation and communications for use of collaborative tools offered with Office 365 (I.e. Skype, Link, Calendar sharing, etc)

IT Direction will be impacted by Sycom AD Sync.
Office 365: SharePoint in the Cloud

Investigate and decide direction and future of the Sharepoint environment

IT After discussions with consultant, current strategy will be to move SharePoint to the Cloud over phases in the next 18 months.
Office 365: Rollout for Faculty, Staff and Students

Roadmap for the use of Office 365 environment (will we use it, how will we use it, when will it be available, etc)

IT Direction will be impacted by Sycom AD Sync.
Office 365: Azure at UMW

Use, governance and administration of the Azure environment

IT IT is continuing to evaluate way to leverage this environment.
Student Predictive Analysis Tool Evaluate and possibly implement a student predictive analysis tool Office of the Provost UMW is engaged with EAB for proof of concept with EAB Guide and Grades First.  Are working with Ellucian to see if we can participate in a BETA with Solutions Analytics reporting tool.
Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Reporting Tool Investigate, identify and implement an enterprise data warehouse and an enterprise data reporting tool.  IT Are working with Ellucian to see if we can participate in a BETA with Solutions Analytics reporting tool.
Performance Management Module Implementation of the Performance Management module to streamline the performance appraisal process as well as facilitate fulfillment of Goal 7 of the UMW Strategic Plan Human Resources HR has scheduled another demo for stakeholders.
Fitness Center Management Solution (Fusion) Solution researching program, member and participation management software for use within campus recreation and possibly elsewhere on campus. Campus Recreation Approved from an IT perspective; waiting for Finance to provide feedback for approval or disapproval.
New Contract for Mail Services The current contract has reached end of term. New contract for mail services, central copy center and decentralized multifunction devices (aka: copiers) Business Services Issues an intent to award.
Direct to Student Mobile Engagement Tool At present, email is the only targeted means of communicating directly with individual students and students have repeatedly said that they do not check it. There are no systems in place to meet students where they are–on their mobile devices.  As a result, our abilities to guide students to success is rather limited. Office of the Provost Proof of concept initiative approved.  Reference EAS Grades First and Guide proof of concept project.
Duplicate PIDM Resolution System (Eliminame) Evaluate new product created to overcome duplicate PIDM related challenges IT Interest exists among stakeholder departments; looking for funding.
EAB Grades First and Guide Proof of Concept UMW proposes to complete a proof of concept for building an advising and student mobile application focused on enhancing student success Office of the Provost In progress