On the Horizon



A listing of initiatives that may become future projects and ongoing IT operational activities

Initiative Title Description Department/Sponsor Status
Enterprise Scheduling An enterprise scheduling system that meets the needs of departments across the campus UMW President’s Office Initiation of project will most likely be a year to 18 months out.
Office 365: Collaboration Project

Investigation, implementation and communications for use of collaborative tools offered with Office 365 (I.e. Skype, Link, Calendar sharing, etc)

IT Sycom AD Sync implemented July 19. Also included the password sync for all UMW mail.umw.edu accounts (students)
Office 365: SharePoint in the Cloud

Investigate and decide direction and future of the Sharepoint environment

IT Onsite SharePoint migration assessment for UMW conducted 12 July.
Office 365: Rollout for Faculty, Staff and Students

Roadmap for the use of Office 365 environment (will we use it, how will we use it, when will it be available, etc)

IT Sycom AD Sync implemented July 19. Also included the password sync for all UMW mail.umw.edu accounts (students)
Office 365: Azure at UMW

Use, governance and administration of the Azure environment

IT Sycom AD Sync implemented July 19. Also included the password sync for all UMW mail.umw.edu accounts (students)
Student Predictive Analysis Tool Evaluate and possibly implement a student predictive analysis tool Office of the Provost Still in research mode.
Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Reporting Tool Investigate, identify and implement an enterprise data warehouse and an enterprise data reporting tool.  IT Still in research mode.
Duplicate PIDM Resolution System (Eliminame) Evaluate new product created to overcome duplicate PIDM related challenges IT Interest exists among stakeholder departments; looking for funding.
Campus Commerce Solution Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) is the current vendor used for campus commerce solutions. The contract will fully expire 4/30/2019 and requires replacement. Finance Once TESS is staffed, Project Approval form will be submitted to the Portfolio committee for review. A vendor has been selected; waiting to see the Radford contract terms. Once approved, project would kick off in January 2018.
Degree Works Degree mapping tool for students Office of the Provost In the process of working out the contract language with Ellucian.
Web-based e-portfolio system for students Research, select and implement a web-based e-portfolio solution that enables students and other users to create e-portfolios that demonstrate their skills and accomplishments, and to submit their work online for assessment and accreditation purposes. College of Education COE is considering purchasing a web-based e-portfolio system for students; are currently investigating Chalk and Wire and TaskStream. IT CIO suggested COE submit IT Project Research and Approval forms to the Portfolio Committee.
Dual Card Readers for Campus Vending Machines The Dual readers will replace the single card readers on existing machines. The new readers accept credit cards and campus debit cards. Eagle One Card Office Portfolio Committee approved the project.
Dynamic Forms (Documentation workflow with e-sign capability) Research and implementation of an interactive, online forms that can be published to the internet. Office of Financial Aid A follow-up meeting regarding the Dynamic Forms software is scheduled for Aug 31.
STAR REZ Student Housing Implementation of a more comprehensive student housing solution (replacing current Simplicity Residence system) Residence Life & Commuter Student Services The Technology Portfolio Committee has approved the StarRez project, proceed with purchase.