Passwords and Logins for EagleNet

  1. Login to the EagleNet portal using your UMW Net ID and temporary password.
    Eaglenet Authentication Window
  2. Click on the University Resources tab, and select Technology Support.
    University Resources Tab with the Technology Support drop-down
  3. At the Technology Support page, you will see a password change panel in the upper right-hand side of the page. Type in your old password, and type in your new password twice.
    Password Change Panel

Words / Characters Not to Use When Creating Your New Password :

  • The @ symbol.
  • The % symbol.
  • The * symbol.
  • Your last 24 passwords.
  • Your account name.
  • Or your full name that exceed two consecutive characters.

IMPORTANT! Protect your password. Be very careful to log out from EAGLENET and make sure to close your browser when you are done.

If you require assistance please contact the Help Desk at or (540) 654-2255.