New Banner

Banner XE

Banner XE refers to the Ellucians overall strategy, and includes multiple product lines, most of familiar of which are Banner INB and Banner SSB, and how Ellucian will transition them to the next generation of an improved end-user interface.

Banner Administrative Forms

Ellucian is transitioning Banner INB to a non-Oracle forms based technology that is browser based – which they are calling Banner Pages (or sometimes Banner Transformation).   These pages will be accessed from a web browser via a tool called Application Navigator.

Application Navigator

Application Navigator is a tool that allows you to go back and forth between the current INB forms and the new Banner Pages without you needing to remember if a form has been converted to banner pages.  Once configured, it will also allow for access to current and future SSB applications.  Custom INB forms will remain here until converted to the new ‘transformed’ technology.

INB vs. Banner Pages