Application Navigator FAQ

What is Application Navigator?

Application Navigator is a tool that allows you to go back and forth between the current INB forms and the new Banner Pages without you needing to remember if a form has been converted to banner pages.  Once configured, it will also allow for access to current and future SSB applications.  Custom INB forms will remain here until converted to the new ‘transformed’ technology.

How do I now access INB forms?

Links to Banner Pages for both PROD** and QA are available on

** keep in mind that the PROD database is the same as the Banner INB PROD database.

What browsers does Application Navigator support?

The recommend browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  While Application Navigator supports all current browsers, Banner INB still requires the Java plugin to function.  Due to NPAPI deprecation, INB supported browsers (with Java enabled) now include only Internet Explorer and Safari.

All I see is a white screen as I attempt to navigate to an INB form in Application Navigator or I can load one INB form but cannot navigate to another.  How do I fix it?

Make sure you are using a Banner INB supported browser – Internet Explorer or Safari.

Why Can’t I Find my Form/Page in Application Navigator?

Application Navigator only shows forms or pages you have permissions to view.

Why aren’t my keyboard shortcuts working inside Application Navigator?

Because Banner INB now launches inside of a web browser, some keyboard shortcuts had to be changed while others no longer work. For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts to be used in Application Navigator, please visit