EAB Tools (Guide and SSC Campus)

SSC Campus is replacing Starfish.  Access to Starfish will end on June 30th.  Until then, you can login to Starfish at http://umw.edu/starfish

EAB Tools is part of UMW’s participation in the Education Advisor Board’s (EAB) Student Success Collaborative which provides access to a variety of tools and information resources.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk.



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  • This student mobile application provides a personalized “path” of aggregated “journeys” which assist students in navigating their UMW experience.
  • Students can use the app to schedule appointments, view their calendar and class schedule, and access a wide-variety of on-campus and local resources.
  • A web enabled version of the app can be accessed at the link above.
Faulty and Staff:

SSC Campus



  • SSC Campus provides faculty and staff with a variety of tools and information resources.
  • Faculty, staff and office managers can review academic progress, send and receive early alerts, file advising notes, schedule student appointments, and utilize a variety of tools to communicate with students.