EagleOne Online Deposits Issue Resolved

FINAL UPDATE:  (9/26/13 – 9:30 AM)

The following was sent to UMW from Blackboard, the vendor that provides the EagleOne deposit system:

Blackboard Transact has identified and supported Microsoft in resolving the primary issue causing intermittent interruptions of service for eAccounts users on Azure.  At this time, the user experience should be at normal response times with no interruptions of service.

We understand the impact this has had with our customers and their students and sincerely apologize for the interruptions.  A comprehensive full root cause analysis is being completed and will be communicated to our customers in a few days.

UPDATE:  (9/23/13 – 8:23 AM):

The following was sent to UMW from Blackboard, the vendor that provides the EagleOne deposit system:

Over the weekend, Blackboard resolved a number of issues with the eAccounts environment.  Based on testing and current log analysis, users should experience normal response times from the site except for brief periods of slowness lasting up to 30 seconds every 10-20 minutes.

During internal testing, users attempting to access the site or login may get a “server unavailable” message during the slow periods.  Retrying immediately following the receipt of the error typically shows normal response times with full site access. Users who were already logged into the system did not get logged out during the slow periods but did see a delay in moving to a new area of the site with a selected link.

Blackboard is continuing to work with Microsoft to provide a full resolution to the issues.  During this work, we’re committed to keeping the site up and available as much as possible for our customers.  Any changes that require downtime will occur later in the evening, minimizing the impact to the community while providing fixes as quickly as possible.


Original Message (9/20/13 – 4:18 PM):

Attention UMW Students:   Due to a problem with our system provider, online deposits to EagleOne cards are temporarily unavailable (see following note from Blackboard President).

EagleOne deposits continue to be accepted in the EagleOne Office, in person or via phone.   Please contact the EagleOne Office at ph # 540-654-1005, between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.  We look forward to a fast resolution to this problem and apologize for the inconvenience.

Erma A. Baker
Assistant Vice President for Business Services and CPO

Update eAccount Issues
Posted on 9/19/2013

Over the past few days, many of our clients have experienced intermittent communication issues with the Blackboard Transact eAccounts web payments portal. As the President of Blackboard Transact, I personally apologize and take responsibility for the interruptions and the impact it is having on your service to students. I assure you that correcting the connectivity issues with the eAccounts portal component is my single highest priority. All requisite resources within Transact are working around-the-clock with Microsoft’s Azure team to resolve this intermittent communication issue.

We realize that your students depend on our products to operate without incident. Transact and Microsoft remain steadfast in our commitment to a speedy resolution. We appreciate your patience and we will keep you informed of our progress on an on-going basis.


David Marr, President
Blackboard Transact